What is wrong with my potato plant

Asked June 14, 2015, 8:47 AM EDT

I have several potato plants but only one with this leaf problem (picture). The plant is otherwise getting taller and is getting flower buds. I've looked in all my vegetable gardening books and do not see this particular leaf problem. Should I get rid of it? Again, my other potato plants are clean and healthy. I don't want to risk spreading something. (This is the first year I planted potatoes.)

Anne Arundel County Maryland potatoes vegetables edema on foliage

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This looks like edema on the potato foliage. This is not an insect or disease issue. Edema is caused by cells rupturing on the undersides of the leaves due to wide fluctuations in moisture. This can be a factor if the plant is affected by excess moisture or if the plant may be located in a wetter location than the others. This is not a problem. Prune off the affected leaves or you could leave them on the plant.