Raspberry Plants, suddenly turning yellow from the base up....

Asked June 13, 2015, 10:29 PM EDT

These plants were planted last fall, and did beautifully this spring, and last week they started have a few yellowing leaves. As I saw them pop up, I removed them, treated the entire area with diatomaceous earth and hoped. This week, it's spread to multiple plants... These are growing in 28" high boxes, in full sun, with a blend of compost, dried manure, garden soil and peat. There are no problems with the soil. The plants have been treated only with Neem Oil and alternately diatomaceous earth (the white powder in the attached photos). Due to the boxes being new and the soil mix being new last fall, no fertilizer except composted leaves has been applied this season. After doing some research I'm wondering if this an aphid spread disease? If it is, is there anything I can do to treat it? And will the plants be ok? Or will I have to pull them out? thanks!

Prince George's County Maryland

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