my hollyhock aren't growing

Asked June 13, 2015, 8:18 PM EDT

I planted several hollyhocks last year. They came up this year and I thought were oo...they r like 6 inches tall now. Then I pass someone's house today....same variety 3 feet high in full bloom! Wtf

New Jersey

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Hollyhocks are usually biennial. They live two years. The first year they produce leaves, they overwinter, and then the second year they produce the gorgeous flower stalk. Then they die.
There are some perennial types, but they don't live long either. Yours are on their way out, while your neighbor's are second year plants.

If you want to have hollyhocks each year, you need to plant seeds each year and have some first year ones coming along as well as second year ones in bloom. (You can save the dry seed from the flowers and sow that.)


umm they arent on their way OUT...i just planted them last summer!

And they did not bloom last summer, right?

Then all you can do is review the cultural requirements for hollyhocks--amount of sun, water, etc. and see if your plants needs are being met.

If they are, you may need to pull one out of the soil and look at the roots. Also, consider if herbicide were used in their vicinity, possible mulch contaminated with herbicide, or whether they were planted in the root zone of a walnut tree (which have toxins in their roots.)