Sandbur Post Emergence

Asked June 12, 2015, 5:39 PM EDT

Can you recommend a cost effective post emergent for sandbur? Is Ranger Pro a solution? The rains in Texas caused me to miss my pre-emergent application window. My 33.5 acres is infested. I have a 200 gallon boom sprayer that puts approximately 15 gallons per acre.

Limestone County Texas

1 Response

Pastora has been proven to work on controlling sandbur post emergence but u need to treat it when the plant is very small around 3 inches tall. If you wait until it gets bigger or starts to put the burs on it, then the window of opportunity has closed.

Best case scenario is use a pre-emergent or use Pastora post emergence in early spring in pastures that have had sandbur in the past. Some folks have used a light dose of roundup in hay meadows immediately following a hay cutting but that needs to be done with caution and with experience.