no grapes

Asked June 11, 2015, 10:38 PM EDT

I have a very vigorous growing grape vine, probably at least 10 years old but I have never gotten grapes! Last year I trimmed it back hard and watched it this spring. It had clusters all over so I thought I had solved the problem. But just about overnight, the clusters are totally gone. They seem to open up, like a burst, and the next morning there is nothing left but a slight curly stem. I am in my garden every day. I see no sign of insects or disease.

York County Pennsylvania

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I did some research on grapes splitting, and found an article published by Charles Sturt University. It's about wine grapes splitting, but I'm sure it will help with table grapes as well. It's called Fruit Splitting of Wine Grape Berries. It seems that water is crucial. If this doesn't help, I would go to your local Penn State Extension and ask them to put you in contact with the horticulture outreach educator who can help you. Here is a fact sheet with contact information as well.