Growing spinach

Asked June 11, 2015, 2:50 PM EDT

My spinach plants began to flower when they reached about 4" tall. I continually trim the flowers off but they keep coming. The leaves have large light brown spots and the plants are generally not doing well. It doesn't look like insect damage and the lettuce and chard next to the spinach are doing well. Is this typical of Corvallis-area spinach? Do you have any suggestions?

Benton County Oregon spinach horticulture

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Sounds like your spinach is bolting in response to the warm temperatures our area has been experiencing this spring. There really is nothing that can be done to keep bolting from happening in those plants at this point. The leaves are likely looking bad because most of the plant's energy is going into producing the flowers and seeds.

Some tips for future plantings are to 1) plant a little earlier in the spring when the temperatures are cooler (or even try a late fall or winter crop!) and 2) choose varieties for spring planting next year that have been bred to resist bolting like Correnta and Spinner.

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