Plant or Weed?

Asked June 11, 2015, 8:07 AM EDT


I have a curious plant/weed growing in my yard. I cant seem to identify it. I was hoping that someone on this site might be able to help.

Thank you


Anne Arundel County Maryland

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This is our native pokeweed. If allowed to flower, it produces droops of dark purple berries in the fall, which are a food source for multiple types of wildlife. They eat it, and spread the seeds around as they go.
Look here:

Pokeweed? Maybe but my plant doesn't have reddish stems. Are you sure its pokeweed? I only see a stem with a white type of flower or beads.

The second picture of your trilogy displays the red coloration that is typical of pokeweed stems. Also, the flower is typical of pokeweed. If you wish to confirm the identification, you can wait until the flower develops into a cluster of dark purple/black 'berries'. Or, you can dig up the deep, fleshy root which looks somewhat like a large parsnip.
All parts of the pokeweed are poisonous if ingested.