Bacterial pepper spot

Asked June 10, 2015, 9:20 PM EDT

I am attaching some photos of my banana pepper plants. Are the spots bacterial pepper spot? None of my other pepper plants that are planted in the garden are affected yet and neither are my tomato plants. I removed the affected plants as well as a few in containers that I had not planted yet...they looked to be affected as well and I purchased those fairly recently. Since the affected plants were in the garden are my other pepper plants guaranteed to get the disease? What about my tomato plants? I read you cannot stop bacterial spot.

Cecil County Maryland vegetables spots on pepper leaves

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Our vegetable specialist looked at your photos and thinks that there is a mix of factors showing.The general round spotting he thought was part environmental and transplant shock. The angular larger lesions he thought may be be a bacterial spot disease.
For now just watch your other peppers. It is does show up, it is treatable with a spray of a fixed copper fungicide.
It will not and can not affect your tomatoes. They have their own diseases.
Here are two publications that we think you will find helpful:
IPM Tomatoes:
IPM Peppers: