Rhodes grass hay

Asked June 10, 2015, 5:56 PM EDT

How many cuts of rhodes grass can I get in a year per acre and how much yield can I achieve per cut of dry hay matter. Also if you can give me any suggestions on how to increase my yield if I cut the the grass every month. At the moment I'm giving 2.5 bags of urea to an acre per cut. As I export the hay to the Middle East, please let me know what can I use to keep my hay green and prolong it. Thanks

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Number of cuttings is going to be dependent on weather (rainfall, etc) as well as fertilization. Dry matter yields generally range from about 4-10 t/acre, depending on variety, soil fertility, environmental conditions and cutting frequency. Yields in the second year may be double those of the establishment year, but this also depends on management and environmental conditions. Rhodesgrass responds to phosphorus in poorer soils and gives a linear yield and crude protein response of up to 300 lbs/acre of nitrogen if other nutrients are adequately supplied. Split applications, each of 50-100 lbs/acre of actual N are normally used when economically feasible. Urea is 46-0-0 which means 46% of a bag is actual Nitrogen. More than likely you are not applying enough nitrogen for hay production.