Egg on bottom of Blueberry

Asked June 10, 2015, 3:58 PM EDT

Hi, I brought some blueberries from my local supermarket which had been imported from Spain. When I got them out I noticed on the bottom of one of them a white egg. It was slightly covered in like a white fluff. I took it off the blueberry and cut it open. It had a tough shell and when I opened it some cream coloured liquid came out. I pulled out what was inside and it was like a gueey thing with 3 black dots. 2 dots at the top of the gueey thing and then one black dot at the bottom. The egg shell was see through. I have tried googling it and the closest thing I have found it a caterpillar egg. I would like some advice on what you think it could be as I was concerned it could have been a spider egg but I suppose they would be in a nest of eggs and wouldn't have a liquid in their individual egg. Any info would help thanks

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Without a picture it will be very difficult to identify what you found. Information about the size, shape, texture, color, etc... could help but a picture showing the specimen next to a ruler would be best.

I am including a link to the University of Michigan Extension Service "Key Blueberry Insect Pests & IPM" by Dr. Rufus Isaacs, Department of Entomology, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan . It might help identify what was found.

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Thank you for your quick response.

I did not take a picture of the egg, however, it was a white coloured egg from the outside, tough shell to cut open, once the creamy liquid had come out it was left with a stringy like thing with 2 black dots one end and 1 black dot at the other end. The egg shell was then clear/see though once all the inside was out. It was a round shape and was about 4 mm long and about 3mm wide. it was found in the calyx of the blueberry. I hope this information helps. Thanks


I sent a link to an identification guide. Was it helpful?

I would need a good picture or set of pictures to at least attempt to identify. That "egg" was probably an insect egg but cannot provide more than that without pictures. Sorry.

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Hi I have found it on another blueberry and have taken some pictures. I have one of the egg and the insect inside. I have compared the size of it to a tooth pick

The best option would be to submit the specimen and/or the pic to your state entomologist through your local Extension office.