Watering fruit trees & blueberries

Asked June 10, 2015, 1:55 PM EDT

What's the best way to water our tiny orchard? We have 6 fruit trees newly planted 14ft apart in an area about 40ft x 60ft. There are 2 peach trees, 3 apples trees (golden, honey crisp & pink lady) & 1 italian plum (prune). They are each about 5ft tall. Plus along the border we have 3 red current and 4 blueberry bushes, each about 2ft tall. What is the best means of watering? drip emitters? sprinklers? How much water per day, 1 gal/tree? Or best to water every 3 days? Berry bushes 1gal/day? or best to water every 3 days?

Multnomah County Oregon

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The general guideline for watering is to apply at least 1" of water per week, which translates to about 66 gallons per square feet per week. A drip system will allow you to target the water to the root system of the plants most effectively. For each plant, you might install 4 or more emitters, which will emit either 0.5 or 1 gallon per hour. For newly established plants, I would provide at least 3-5 gallons per plant per week. Soils are drying out very quickly. I would make sure to water soon even if that is by hand or 5-gallon bucket.

For a great tutorial on drip system design, see http://www.irrigationtutorials.com/drip-irrigation-design-guidelines-basics-of-measurements-parts-an...

Please let me know if you have any further questions.