Problem with bed bugs

Asked June 10, 2015, 12:45 PM EDT

I have a duplex that has bed bugs. Can I get Vikane®? Does ozone kill eggs effectively? I have worked in labs and around chemicals for years. What about raising the temperature of the unit to over 120°F? What approach would you recommend?

Bell County Texas

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No, you cannot get Vikane. Vikane is a highly toxic gas that is considered a restricted-use pesticide and only available to licensed and trained professionals. If your duplex is difficult to treat conventionally (e.g., cluttered), you may want to consider heat treatment. Again, however, this is something you would want to have done by a professional. Heat treatment is complicated to do correctly, and requires lots of specialized equipment. You should check out this fact sheet for an overview of different treatment options: How to Select a Bedbug Control Provider