voles and moles

Asked June 10, 2015, 9:28 AM EDT

I have mound tunnels throughout my yard and flower beds. I also see holes about the size of a broom stick. Is this a sign of moles and/or voles? How do I get rid of whatever it is?

Anne Arundel County Maryland moles voles

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You will have to identify the culprits. It may be possible you have voles and/or moles. Here is some information on voles and moles. If you are noticing holes about the size of a silver dollar, suspect voles. They feed on the roots of trees and shrubs. Control involves trapping with mouse traps baited with apple slices or peanut butter. See our publication on voles extension.umd.edu/publications/PDFs/FS654.pdf

Moles create raised tunnels in soils and feed on soil insects including earthworms. They do not cause plant damage. Repellents have a limited success rate and are not recommended. Moles usually move on when their food supply and habitat changes. Tamp down raised tunnels with your foot whenever they appear. As a last resort you can use a lethal trap to control moles. For more information see publication on Nuisance Wildlife for information on moleshgic.umd.edu/_media/documents/DealingwithNuisanceWildlifehg90_001.pdf