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Asked June 9, 2015, 6:32 PM EDT

I have looked for 30 minutes for a chart with a list of fruits and vegetables as to When they are ready to harvest so I know when to go to the farmers markets to buy produce to do canning. I had a list but cannot find it. Can you mail me one or send an email with the list?

Kent County Michigan

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Thank you for your question! Two of the easiest to read Michigan seasonal availability charts can be found at:

Please note there are separate links for the fruit chart and the vegetable chart.

There will be some variation in availability (the more north in the state you are the later the availability) and weather also influences when produce is ready.

You may also be interested in the over 80 fact sheets that give canning and freezing tips on Michigan grown foods at

Finally, please find a link to a great home canning course at:

Thank you for buying local foods!