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Asked June 9, 2015, 6:22 PM EDT

How often and how much should I water my Shamel Ash trees? They were 15 gallon transplants and have been in the ground for approx 2 months. My native soil is sand. I got past the leaves turning brown but now they are yellowing. The nursery told me to water every day when the brown leaves started, that there was no chance of over watering due to the sandy condition. I have been using B1 , 2 tbsp / 1 gal water twice a week. I have 3 ft dia circles and they get 4 inches of water every day in the morning which drains in 10 minutes. Temps will be + 100's for the next 4 months. any help would be appreciated.
Doug Lonie

Yuma County Arizona

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You will need to water the tree daily. If possible, I suggest split water applications - water in the morning and then in mid-afternoon. Such a schedule will ensure that the trees do not dry out during the intense heat of the afternoon (since the soil potting soil of the original root/soil ball may not hold water for an entire day in AZ.