great garden

Asked June 9, 2015, 1:41 PM EDT

My brother has a great garden. The bad thing about it he has every creature on 4 legs come to munch. The last uninvited guess is a skunk. How can he get rid of this Lil creature without harm?

Franklin County Kentucky

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Skunks are easiest managed through habitat modification. Remove all sources of debris from the yard where skunks could find shelter or food (insects or small rodents). These include old boards lying on the ground, rocks, junk, and stacked lumber or trash piles. Aboveground fences can be constructed of 3-foot wide, 1-inch poultry netting with the bottom 12 inches buried underground as mentioned previously. Fencing will also keep skunks out of landscaped areas, gardens, window wells, or other pits. Shooting (outside city limits) and trapping is also effective control strategies. Detail control recomendations can be found in the UKY publication "FOR-49 Managing Skunk Problems in Kentucky", which can be found at: A full list of wildlife management publications can be found at: