Fox tails

Asked June 7, 2015, 5:48 PM EDT

Hi, we live in the Umpqua Nat. Forest among several meadows and trees. We have open range cattle. Our meadows are green now with foxtails. Can I mow them down now or instead leave them on the stem and mow earlier next year? We want to lessen the impact on our dogs. Last year one got a foxtail up his nose and the vet was costly and our poor dog was miserable. We don't have any big farm equipment to mow,we would do it by hand. Thankyou.

Douglas County Oregon

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You could mow them now and possibly cut down on the amount of viable seed. Earlier mowing date would be more effective. Later mowing dates only ensure high amounts of viable seed.

I think mowing them down would lessen the chances of dogs picking them up; ground level seems better than eye level.

See my Foxtail Control fact sheet for more information.