acid looking burns on swiss chard and spinach

Asked June 7, 2015, 12:12 PM EDT

I have an organic garden and noticed that my spinach and swiss chard are now curling and wilting up with acid looking yellow burn spots on the leaves? What is causing it and what can I do? I will send a photo asap. Adrienne L. Roth (

Montour County Pennsylvania

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Take a look at this fact sheet and see if it matches your problem.
Cercospora Leaf Spot of Swiss Chard, Beets, and Spinach

Cultural control of leaf diseases is the best treatment available to the organic gardener. You should always water at the soil line because many pathogens need water to begin an infection. Scout your garden daily for signs of infection and immediately remove infected leaves and bag or burn them. Mulch to keep soil from splashing up on the leaves and carrying spores with it. Disinfect tools by dipping them in alcohol so as not to spread infection from plant to plant. Clear away any leaves or other plant debris that falls to the ground so pathogens can't hide in the debris. Finally, look around for weeds that have the same disease. Pathogens can infect alternate hosts and then jump back to reinfect your healthy plants. Here is a fact sheet that describes cerospora and lists alternate hosts.

I am very pleased to have you available for help with my garden. It is very important to have a garden and hard to know all there is to know to make it successful. Thank-you, Adrienne