snail and slug control

Asked June 7, 2015, 10:59 AM EDT

How do I control snails and slugs organically? I do not like to spray anything.

Josephine County Oregon

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It helps with any crop to minimize the amount of old plant material sitting on the ground that has not been composted first. This reduces habitat for the slugs. There are also baits that are organically registered like Sluggo. Just spread them on damp soil where you get the heaviest feeding damage. Spreading diatomaceous earth around vulnerable seedlings in a garden can also be effective. This product is tough on any insect that crawls across it since it is very coarse. Making your yard attractive to birds and reptiles is also a good long term aid in controlling slugs and snails.

I have lots of birds I have attracted because I use not chemical sprays.

What type of bird species eat slugs and snails if any?



Any of the species that love to dig in the duff under trees. Rufus towhee and other towhees. In my yard I notice that the Grackles also go for all insects and slugs. In the winter the Varied Thrushes work the ground in shrub areas. And of course the best forager are chickens.