We just planted 2 apple trees in our yard in April and they aren't developing...

Asked June 6, 2015, 2:50 PM EDT

We just planted 2 apple trees in our yard in April and they aren't developing many leaves yet. Is this normal or do we need to give them any extra care?

Anoka County Minnesota

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Transplantation is stressful for young trees. It is not uncommon for them to take up to three years, or more in some cases to begin to put on any significant growth to their branches, and to their height.

That being said, these trees are looking a bit sparce. I wonder if they have been planted correctly? While I can see that the graft union has not been buried, I can't tell about the rest of the
process. Here is a link with our recommendations:

Although we've had adequate moisture lately, it is important to provide consistent
water to these young trees for the first few years of their lives

You haven't mentioned where you purchased these plants, nor how they were prepared (bare root, balled and burlapped, potted?) but most nurseries provide a one year warranty in case of failure to thrive.

Unless you have found some serious error in how you planted these trees, I'd advise a wait and see attitude for the rest of the year - just don't lose your sales slip!

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