Juniper problem

Asked June 5, 2015, 3:54 PM EDT

Hi, I live in ABQ (San Mateo/Lomas area). I planted 3 rocky mountain junipers last summer. They have done well. I have them on a 15L per hour drip which comes on every day for 1/2 hour. About 4-6 weeks ago I placed one fertilizer spike at the base of each tree. Today I noticed the tops are a purple-brown color. I'm hoping you can help diagnose this problem. Thanks so much. I have attached a photo.

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This could be tip blight or needle blight. Check out the website from KSU on juniper diseases and how to control them:

Also check with your local extension office in Bernalillo County at 505-243-1386 to further asses the damage and get an idea of what may be available locally to control the problem.