What are the pros and cons of bark chips or wood chips for mulch?

Asked June 4, 2015, 5:01 PM EDT

We just had someone weed around our rhodies, wax myrtles, huckleberries and wysteria. We live right on the coast, in sand. I have access to free wood chips for mulch, or is there some compelling reason to pay for bark chips? What are the pros and cons? Thanks you

Lincoln County Oregon

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Hi there,

I had this question myself a few weeks ago - are woodchips OK to use as a mulch in the home landscape? I found a great article from WSU Master Gardeners that debunks all of the common misconceptions about using wood chips for mulch: http://puyallup.wsu.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/403/2015/03/wood-chips.pdf. Wood chips are one of the best performers in terms of moisture retention, temperature moderation, weed control, and sustainability. Bottom line: It gets a thumbs up from us!

Happy mulching,