Bee Bush

Asked June 4, 2015, 11:19 AM EDT

We have this very large (15' tall & 20-25' in diameter) bush in our yard that blooms (10's of thousands of tiny white - very fragrant) flowers each May for two or three weeks and then the blooms are done until next year. As the bee population seems to have declined we do not get as many visitors as in years past but still quite a few come. A few years ago you could hear the bees before you ever got close to the bush and when in bloom you can smell the fragrance from quite a distance. We're curious if anyone knows what our "Bee Bush" really is?

Kent County Delaware bees

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I think this plant is called abelia. Google abelia and click images and see if any match your shrub.I think you will see one called glossy abelia. If is not, I suggest you cut several short branches and put them in a vase and take them to the Cooperative Extension office 69 Transportation Circle, Dover in Kent County to the Master Gardeners between 10am and 1pm any day Monday - Friday. If the Master Gardeners don't recognize the shrub, they will take it to the DSU Herbarium and their experts will know what it is.

Good luck