Eradicating ironweed in horse pastures

Asked June 4, 2015, 10:07 AM EDT

I just moved to Hempstead TX & have large patches of ironweed in some of my pastures & in my back yard. I've tried Round Up (brush killer) on both the new growth & established plants with little success. What can I use to control/eradicate it before it takes over everything? I have very sandy soil & a pond & would prefer not contaminating the ground water. Thank You

Waller County Texas

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Good Morning,

I have two questions before I can proceed with an answer.

1.) Are your animals currently grazing on the area you want to treat?"

2.) Do you have a private applicators license?

I Do not have an applicators lic. The horses do currently graze the pastures but it would be easy to temp fence off the areas that need treating

I do not have an applicators license The horses do currently graze on the effected pastures, but it would be easy to temporarily fence them off

I have two suggestions either you can spot treat the weed by mowing or chopping it down and treating regrowth after bloom with Milestone, or if you can temporarily fence off the area you can treat a larger area with GrazonNext.