Butterfly weed heads breaking off

Asked June 2, 2015, 3:40 PM EDT

My butterfly weeds are having an issue where they are just getting ready to bloom when the the heads break about two inches from the flower. It literally looks like someone has come along and snapped the heads but that is not the problem. I am so dissapointed that this is happening. It has happened in the past but only on a few flowers. This year most of the flower heads are breaking off like this. The heads are not eaten just broken and it looks like a clean cut not a jagged edge. Any Ideas?

Morgan County Indiana flowers butterfly weed

1 Response

This is an unusual problem, and our only suggestions concern the planting site and the apparent 'soft' plant tissue. These plants prefer a very sunny location and your photo suggests that the site is shady or in dappled sunlight. This could weaken the plants' tissue and make them susceptible to breakage from weather or passing animals.