No leaves on pear tree

Asked June 1, 2015, 10:28 AM EDT

Planted pear and apple trees last year. This year the pear trees have not leafed out at all.

Chippewa County Michigan

1 Response

It's possible that your pear tree has suffered winter damage, if not winter kill. Even though we didn't have the extreme temperatures of 2014's, there are still opportunities for especially, newly planted fruit trees to suffer damage. If you haven't checked to see if any of the branches are still living, I would suggest that you do so. Use your fingernail or knife, to peel away the bark at branch tips to see if there is any green below the bark. If not, and if the branch breaks, then this is dead wood and any buds are also dead. It's also possible since this was a newly planted tree that it didn't get enough water before the ground froze. It's always good practice to make sure all trees, especially newly planted, are thoroughly watered before the ground freezes. Please check out this MSUE article for more information on this topic: