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As, a Entrepreneur,Innovator: "I have started, a New/Old Agriculture Cash Crop/Business in Coos County! Now, with O.S.U. Extension Service assistance: I'm research, the possibilities of Growing Hemp as a 'Food Crop', Water Filtration, and the many other 'Cash Crop' possibility. Any Help will Help, this County, to become a 'Agriculture County' again! Thank you in advance! Gene Landrum Philosopher OSU 66-68.

Coos County Oregon

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Hi Gene,

You've got some good ideas. At this point in time, if you're serious about getting started in hemp production, you'll need to begin the registration process with Oregon Department of Agriculture. Here's the website: http://www.oregon.gov/ODA/programs/MarketAccess/MACertification/Pages/Hemp.aspx

As I understand it, there isn't any seed available for this year. I'm not certain about the availability of seed next year, either. However, getting started with ODA will be a good first step. In addition, you should read this white paper, Hemp in Western Oregon. It outlines what we currently know about the needs of hemp with regard to soils, temperatures, and pests issues. I skimmed through the document, and soil type is of concern. If you currently have a piece of land in mind, you can use Web Soil Survey to determine what kind of soil is present there. If it is a clayey soil, it sounds like it would make hemp production difficult.

I hope this helps! Feel free to call our office - I'd be glad to talk with you further about this, or to help you determine your soil type, if you have trouble navigating the web soil survey site.

541-572-5263 ext 25290

Thank you for your Quick and Professional Aid. I'm serious, and by doing a 'test' of the moods of our County Commissioner's they are on board, and will support (as the past Commissioner's did, when I started a 'Movement' that produced 4 Bonded Wineries, and many Commercial Vineyards, a True 21st Century, Cash Event for Coos County.)

The 'concern's' I have is Salem and the State of Oregon, leaders! Why? Because the 'Medical M.J.' grower's seem to have their Ears, regarding restrictions on Hemp Farming. Metaphorically Speaking. I will follow up with your suggestions, but first I must test the 'Political Water's' to see if they are 'serious' about Agriculture Growth in Oregon!
Mean while, I will work with and in my County as a 'Agri Advocate' and business owner! Once again, Thank you!
"If I can't depend on OSU, who? can I count own, I have a vested interest in the University!

Just my Opinion based on my Philosophy of ' property not in use, for something beneficial for all occupants, its being 'wasted'! Hemp is one of those 'usages' that has more benefits, than harmful deficiencies.

Dr. Gene~Landrum, Philosopher of Quantum Theory of Everything, (T.o.E.) "Where Everything is 'Energy'!" . .