Use of Grass in gardens

Asked May 31, 2015, 10:48 PM EDT

The grass had weed & feed applied in April. Can it now be used in an organic garden?

Boulder County Colorado

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Please take a look at the section of this link regarding glass clippings. It recommends waiting at least 4 weeks. You might also like to call the 'help number' on the herbicide that you used to get their recommendation.

Your question poses other questions/thoughts. The current recommended philosophy on grass clippings is to compost them (and hence their nutrients) back into the lawn. (That being said I do collect mine as I need it for my compost pile.)

You also asked if you could use your clippings for an 'organic garden'. This opens up a larger question as to what definition/source you are using for 'organic'. Perhaps you could research the type and ramifications of the herbicide you used on your grass when/if you call the manufacturer.

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Colo Master Gardener