Where to buy good quality horse hay and bagged shavings in bulk

Asked May 31, 2015, 7:11 PM EDT

Recently moved to Birdsboro, PA and need to find supplier of quality horse hay ( prefer Alfaya and Brome square bales) as well as buying in bulk quality bagged wood shaving. Your recommendations and assistance is appreciated.

Berks County Pennsylvania

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There are several hay auctions in Berks and Lancaster counties that would be good locations to purchase horse hay. Ag Market News (http://agmarketnews.com/hay/) list these auction sites on their web page along with locations, hours and days of operation, and prices for different types of hey at each auction. Many of the auctions will also provide a forage test of the hay so you will know the quality of the hay that you are purchasing.

For wood shavings , check with Oley Vally Feed (143 Cleaver Rd, Oley, PA 19547. Phone 610-987-3568) or another fed agriculture/ livestock feed supply company in your area. If they are not able to help you you may want to check with one of these other companies Cressona Agway (http://cressonaagwaycountrystore.com/) or EquiRoll Transport (http://www.equirolltransport.com/bedding-services).

Another good source of information for all agricultural products is Ag Map (http://agmap.psu.edu/). This site alows you to enter the product you are searching for (example: hay or wood shavings) and a location and will provide a list of suppliers that meet your specifications.

Thank you so much for your suggestions. Have a nice day.
Tracie Wang