Asked May 31, 2015, 6:28 PM EDT

Why aren't my brocolli plants making heads?

Sussex County Delaware

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Broccoli is a temperature sensitive plant. and does better in cool weather. The warm weather we had might have been enough to make the plants produce very small flowers early. However, broccoli is also usually a very long crop, typically about 80 days till harvest. If you still have the seed packet you could refer to it, or you could look up the variety online and check the days to harvest if you bought transplants. Too much fertilizer may also cause the plants to produce lush leaves, but not go to flower and produce heads. Another issue can sometimes be injury to the top of the plant from transplanting or cold injury that damages the growing point at the tip. Regardless, I would be tempted to keep it in the garden if you have space, and it may eventually produce flower heads.

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