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What kind of blueberries are best to grow in Jefferson County?

Jefferson County Kentucky

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Duke, Patriot, Bluejay, Chandler, Ozarkblue, Sierra, Toro, Sampson, Duplin, Bluegold, Draper, Bluecrop, Nelson, Brigitta, Darrow, Elliott, Auror.

Selecting the plants is only part of the solution. Correct soil preparation,
pH, and nutrient content are equally important. Blueberries grow best in acidic soil with good drainage and lots of organic matter.

University of Kentucky does test soil for pH and nutrients. Samples are brought to our office. What we test for:

* Take multiple examples of the area to be tested, 4 to 8 inches down.
* Mix these together to equal 2 cups of soil. Allow to dry thoroughly.
* Put in clean baggy/container and bring to the Extension Office at 810 Barret Ave.
* Bring cash or check, its $7 for each area to be tested.

The test results are mailed to you (we get a copy too) with your soil’s pH and readings of major and minor nutrients along with information on how and what to change for the plants to be grown there.

The University of Kentucky will test your soil, get results back in about 2 weeks, and make recommendations all for 7 bucks.

For more details on taking a soil sample:

Uk has an excellent publication on growing blueberries.

Please let me know if I can assist you further.
You can always call our office to speak with us in person.

Carol Wilder
Horticulture Technician
Jefferson County Cooperative Extension Service
810 Barret Ave
Louisville Ky 40204