Gunners leaves are getting eaten by bugs!

Asked May 31, 2015, 2:55 PM EDT

Someone help! Every year my big healthy gunners leaves start to get eaten by bugs! I will take a picture of the leaves and then the bug I find on them. I am going to spray with Sevin now and hope that helps. Does anyone know what these bugs are? Are they some sort of aphid? Does anyone else have this problem?

Outside United States

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Check out the linked publication from the University of Georgia - it discusses many of the pests in the landscape and various methods of control -

From your picture it appears to be some type of chewing insect that has done the damage -- a beetle most likely However, without a photo of the insect in action we can't be sure.

Aphids are a sucking insect and do not cause the damage your plant is experiencing. Aphids often causing plant yellowing and curling - often because they transmit disease.

The arthropod picture you sent is not of an insect -- but of a sowbug. The University of Kentucky has a publication with a photo that discusses the sowbug. This arthropod lives in the debris around the plant and usually doesn't feed on leaves.

Plants can sustain a lot of damage before being harmed -- but since you are growing this plant as a specimen plant I assume you want it to be blemish-free.

Where are you? Most countries have some type of Extension System and you may try and contact them to determine if there is a local insect present that we do not have in the USA.

Good luck.