Something is eating the flower buds of my irises. It looks like something...

Asked May 31, 2015, 9:26 AM EDT

Something is eating the flower buds of my irises. It looks like something causes a hole in the flower bud and then eats out the flower. What is it and how do I kill it?

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Orthacheta Bud Fly: The bud fly lava is a hybridizer’s nightmare, it is a small white maggot that bores into the side of an iris bud to eat the pollen in side. The standards and style arms are usually destroyed in the process. When the blossom opens it is disfigured. They like siberian irises best, but will attack other irises including louisiana iris. When you see a small hole in the side of a bud or a disfigured blossom, remove it and check the stem. If there is no sign of passage, then you have it. Carefully break the bud or blossom apart, look for the maggot and destroy it. You can also put them into a zip lock bag for destruction. If the stem shows sign of passage, then the maggot has gone down the stem to change into the fly. Another good way to control an out break of the Orthacheta Bud Fly is to spray with a systemic when the buds have formed, this can be done when spraying for iris borers.