bark damage to dogwood tree

Asked May 30, 2015, 11:35 AM EDT

Yesterday I found bark damage on my 15 year old dogwood -- from bottom of tree extending about 8 inches high , 2 to 3 inches across -- bark scraped or torn off. Do I let it repair itself or put something over it? I definitely will put a barrier around it to keep it protected from another critter attack.I have called around to different tree nurseries and getting different answers -- either leave it alone or spray it to seal it. thanks/ernie

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No pruning paint or sealer is recommended as it can interfere with the healing process. Tree protect themselves from decay organisms through a process called compartmentalization and callus tissue is part of that defense mechanism.

Keep the tree well watered during dry periods and make sure mulch is no thicker than several inches and keep away from the trunk.