Finger like protrusions linden

Asked May 29, 2015, 3:30 PM EDT

My linden tree leaves have brown finger like protrusions on them. Would hate to lose this tree!! What do I need to do?? Thank you!!

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While it looks like it's destructive, this is a common occurrence on many woody plants. One of the most common galls we see each year is hackberry nipple gall.

Your linden has finger-like galls, which are caused by eriophyid mites or gall mites. More information on galls can be found here:

I wouldn't recommend any treatment as it seems to be a seasonal thing...some years trees get the galls; other years they don't. The leaves are still healthy and can photosynthesize. Plus, since the galls have already formed, there is little you can do. There are a lot of natural predators that attack the mites causing the galls.