Blueberry bush disease?

Asked May 29, 2015, 12:56 PM EDT

Blueberry bushes seem to have some sort of disease. The stems are brown and brittle with little berries. Not sure if it's a stem blight, root rot or pH too high. Please see the attached photo. Thank you, Susan Colberg 570-419-1250 HELP We have about 600 bushes.

Lycoming County Pennsylvania blueberries blueberry diseases cold damage winter injury small fruits

2 Responses

I think it is winter injury. It matches the symptoms I saw last year and this year. Lots of flower buds poor growth on leaf buds. I have also received reports of the same symptoms in Kentucky and New Jersey. You should be seeing new shoots growing at the base of the plant.
What were the coldest winter temperatures where you are at?
My recommendation is to cut off all that wood which is not showing good shoot growth. Do not be afraid to cut off fruit.

It is possible that the bushes are of low vigor due to grubs eating the roots or root rot. If the plants are not showing vigorous new shoots from the crown examine the root systems to see if they are healthy.If there are new shoots forming from the crown I think it is winter injury.