Why did my hydrangea flowers change from mop head variety to the lace cap variety

Asked May 29, 2015, 10:42 AM EDT

I have approx. 8 year old hydrangea plants, that had big beautiful mop head type flowers for several years. The last couple of years, I have noticed the majority of the flowers have changed to lace cap style flowers. Did I do something wrong? Could it be a soil issue? I'm thinking maybe it is a hybrid that is reverting back to the dominate parent style. please help!

Norfolk Virginia

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Hydrangeas are usually propagated by cuttings so the only way they would change from mophead would be via mutation and it would be unusual for several bushes to change at the same time and all of the bushes to completely change. If you had a grafted plant that would be more likely to revert if the top were killed by cold/disease etc. then the understock could be lacecap. Soil pH and fertility shouldn't affect bloom formation but without seeing the blooms it wouldn't hurt to have a soil test done and see how you can improve the health of your plants. The norfolk office is located in the public health building on the 2nd floor if you want to pick up a soil test kit or bring a sample of your plant in for further questions. Their office phone number is 683-2816