Weed management in my Pond

Asked May 29, 2015, 9:06 AM EDT

I have a new weed in my pond this year. I am having a diffucult time identifying it but seems close to "baby pondweed" in appearence. It is accumulating in the shallow area of my pond attached to the floor of the pond with a little small bud on the surface. Could someone come to my home and help me identify the weed and suggest a treatment?

Eaton County Michigan

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Thank you for your inquiry.

Unfortunately, we don't have anyone who can come out to your home to help you identify the particular weed. Would you be able to take some close-up photos and we might be able to help you that way?

You can also try to identify it yourself by checking the "Common Aquatic Plants of Michigan" resource available at this link:

Here is another site where you might be able to find a photo that looks like the plant you are trying to identify:

Also, you can find some other pond resources posted on the MSUE Oakland web site:

Hope this helps.