Boxwood blight

Asked May 28, 2015, 9:00 PM EDT

Has boxwood blight been confirmed in central Kentucy? We recently had to remove several of ours, as did our neighbors, and there are many, many dead/diseased looking boxwoods around Midway. Just spoke to a family from Anderson county who reported the same thing. The leaf loss and entire sections dead - looking at pictures of blight vs cold damage, it definitely looks like blight.

Woodford County Kentucky

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Boxwood blight has been confirmed in Central KY, but there have been very few cases. What you are seeing is more than likely cold damage. If there is extensive damage, and to many of the neighbors as you mentioned, that is a sign of winter damage. Boxwoods were hit especially hard. Please contact me if you have further questions or would like me to look at a sample, 873-4601.