bird mites have entered my house

Asked May 28, 2015, 7:41 AM EDT

About a month ago i started noticing that something was irritating my eyes nose and ears. I live in a lakehouse on lake houston and since that first instance, i found an old bird nest that was in the ducting for my bathroom exhaust fan. I have since removed the birdnest and all of the ducting. It was in my attic. The symptoms itchy ears eyes and nose as well as a feeling that something is crawling in my hair, remain. Ive had the place treated twice by a local exterminator. Ive also left the house for several days to allow the pesticide to work. I still have the problem and i believe the bird mites have made me their host. Google and the internet have allowed me to research the problem but I wonder if you have heard of this happening and what might be my best course of action? Ultimately, i may have the house tented and treated with gas. I'm just looking for some guidance.

Harris County Texas

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The primary mite host must be eliminated before successful control rodent or bird mites can be achieved. Once this primary source is eliminated the mites activity disappears. They do not make humans their new primary host.

I have attached the link to an article from Dr. Mike Merchant about mites that has good sound information.

I would have a pest control company that deals with mites inspect your house. If they do not find evidence of live mites or sources of mites, I would look for other possible causes of the skin irritation you are experiencing.