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When is the best time of year to transplant established peonies? My brother and I each have peony plants which belonged to our mother. He has one color and I have another. We would like to split our plants and share. When is the best time of year for us to do this?
Linda Hobbs Feuerborn

Mesa County Colorado flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials

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Here is an article from one of our Horticulture professors on campus.:

When to Divide Peonies

By James E. Klett, Colorado State University Cooperative Extension Specialist, Landscape Plants

Peonies are best divided in early fall (late August into September). Peonies resent being disturbed and seldom require division, so only dig and divide when really necessary, when you notice the plants are not blooming as profusely as they once did. The process to follow is to dig the clumps carefully so as not to injure or bruise the roots. Wash off all the soil. With a sharp knife cut each clump through the crown into several pieces. Each division should have several plump buds, which at this time should be about one?half inch in length. Roots without such buds rarely produce plants.

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