dead-looking euonymus Manhattan

Asked May 26, 2015, 3:20 PM EDT

Our condo community has 15 or 20 "dead-looking" euonymus Manhattan shrubs. They are all 15 years old. These shrubs are 4 to 6 feet tall. They were used as screens in front of garages and patios. In April we were told to wait-and-see. It is the end of May and a few of the shrubs have a very few green leaves coming out at the bottom. I can hand prune them with the help of other volunteers. If they need to be replaced, can you give us some suggestions?

Boulder County Colorado

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We are sorry to hear about the damage that your Euonymus Manhattan shrubs sustained, likely from the sudden November "polar vortex."

Decisions are difficult to make, especially when you see a little growth at the base of the plants. You can always start with judicious pruning of non-living branches. To assess that you can either go to this info sheet or one of the pruning fact sheets on the extension website.

Whether to replace or not depends on a number of factors including how long you are willing to wait to see how the plants re-bound, your HOA's budget, etc. We have found a number of info sheets on the CO Extension website for your review regarding shrubs that do well in our area: Fact Sheet numbers 7.414, 7.422, 7.423, 7.229. Since so many plants are involved, you might also consider consulting with an arborist. Here is a pdf list: Certified Arborist - City of Boulder.

Good luck and thank your for your questions.

Boulder County Master Gardener desk.