Blight on young tomato and pepper leaves

Asked May 25, 2015, 4:58 PM EDT

I started 3 kinds of tomatoes and 2 kinds of peppers from seed using Ferry Morse seeds. The plants were a beautiful green until I put them outside last week to condition them for planting. I brought them inside the evening of the frost warning. After a few days outside the tomatoes started to become pale. Thinking they may be pot bound in their 3 inch containers I planted them on Saturday, May 23. Today, May 25, I realized the leaves now have pale pink spots on them. The pepper leaves are also affected. Looking up pictures of blight on young tomatoes on the internet I'm wondering if they have a fungus. I also read fungus spores can stay in the soil over the winter to attack your plants the following year. I dug a few plants up, removed them, and intended to burn them, then I decided to check with you before I continue. If it is a fungus and I replace them with purchased healthy plants, do I need to spray the new plants with a fungicide. If so, which one? If it's not a fungus what suggestions do you have? Thanks so much for your help! -Patty

Lawrence County Pennsylvania

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Hi Patty -

Based on your pictures, I do not think that the symptoms you are seeing are the result of a pathogen/disease. I think that they are more consistent with cold injury. Tomatoes are especially sensitive. The bleaching on the pepper leaves is a little less characteristic but from the picture, it looks like the growing point is ok and the plants will likely grow out of the symptoms.

That's great news! Thank you so much!