Blackstrap Molasses

Asked May 25, 2015, 4:45 PM EDT

I have a bottle of Blackstrap Molasses that has never been opened and the expiration date says 11/9/13. Would it still be good? I have heard that you can use it up to two years after expiration date.

Clinton County Ohio

1 Response

Great question! I was just cleaning out my pantry so I have the resource at hand that I used to answer my questions. I have pasted it below. According to the resource the "two years after expiration date" is correct. Please note that the quality would be less than if used closer to the date listed. Please do use your senses to determine the quality after opening the bottle. Please do follow the recommendations in the tables contained in the resource to store and use the remainder of bottle.

Thank you for following safe food practices. Continue to be safe.