White pines with disease on trunks and large branches

Asked May 25, 2015, 1:30 AM EDT

We have 8 white pines, 25 years old, in our front yard. They have a white substance on the trunks. One tree "expert" says it is scale. How can we know for sure and how can we treat safely and economically? They have 50" circum. at chest ht.

Daviess County Kentucky

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It could be scale or other problems. Look on the needles for small white spots that can be removed with your finger nail. This would be scale.

The best solution is to contact your Daviess County Cooperative Extension Service Office for positive identification. Photographs would also help.

To find the office number simply go to http://www.extension.org, drop in your zip code and choose the office that is most convenient for you.