Hello! I posted this question on a gardening forum, and they suggested I...

Asked May 24, 2015, 7:40 PM EDT

Hello! I posted this question on a gardening forum, and they suggested I contact this organization! I have about a 24 ft by 3 1/2 ft space on the back of my garage. There is currently only landscape rock there, but I'm thinking it would be a good spot for a garden (it is full sun). It is slightly slanted, but not terrible. A few questions: - What type of raised garden bed would work best (I'm in MN!)? I've been looking at some cedar ones, but not sure how they'll hold up to our winters! - Will I be okay planting these on the hill? - Do I do the whole 24 ft or do something else in the middle/on the sides? - Any other ideas as to what to do with this space if not a garden? Thanks!!

Dakota County Minnesota

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Wow! That is one huge amount of landscape rock to remove. I hope you have many strong helpers. First off I would uncover a small part of your foundation to see what is behind all that rock as it is unusual for it to go that high up the side of the house. Perhaps you will need to add a few layers of siding to protect your foundation. Also, you will need to sample the soil under all that rock and perhaps amend it with rich dirt to get some decent plantings. Certainly you will need to loosen it to a depth of about one foot from the surface to make it loose enough for plantings to take root.

Assuming that you decide to make a garden of it and remove all the rock and protect the foundation, you have lots of options for what to plant. Certainly from a landscaping perspective, differing heights of plants are more interesting than a single crop. As are plant that bloom, flower or bear fruit at differing times. One option would be to divide that long plot into 6 four foot sections, or 4 six foot sections and then vary the plantings by type and bloom time. Other things to consider in your planning are amount of sunlight per day and availability of water. It is a great opportunity to make something fantastic but will entail a lot of work. Hope you like gardening with a passion!