Wisteria sos

Asked May 23, 2015, 10:36 PM EDT

Hi. I have a wisteria that is over 10 years old. I live in Michigan, and have it planted on the east side of the house in area that is pretty well protected from wind, yet gets a lot of sun next to the house. It has done well every year and this year the buds are dried up on the branches and it only has a couple sprouts coming out of the trunk near the ground. I planted this as a memorial when my father died, and I really want to save the wisteria if possible.. Thank you


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Wisteria tend to be long lived with a minimum of problems but some can be serious and the decline to which you speak of seems serious. The plant needs to be looked at by a professional and the recommendation is to involve a certified arborist, one who specializes in everything woody. He/she will want to see first hand how the plant is growing, where it is growing, what is growing around it, any unusual growths on the plant, and the soil it's growing in. Arborist evaluations are not expensive and will give a professional diagnosis. You can locate one or more certified arborists in your zip code at www.treesaregood.com Click on Find an Arborist.

Here are some of the common wisteria problems:

Sorry I can't be of more immediate help to you. Good luck!