Food Co-op (Vegan Friendly)

Asked May 23, 2015, 11:57 AM EDT

I am new to food co-op's and am now seeking information about food co-op's in the Ashland, Ky area. (closer the better!) Are there food co-op's in this area? If so are there vegan co-op's?

Boyd County Kentucky

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There are none in Boyd County. There is a store in Huntington called the Wild Ramp, that is more of a locally sourced produce market but not an actual food-coop. There has been talk, and a meeting or two, concerning starting something along these lines in Ashland, but just hasn't taken wing yet. A year or two ago there was a food buying club started up that would periodically have a couple of members make trips to Lexington to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods and buy in bulk and bring items back and disperse to it's members, but I have not heard anything about it continuing to operate for quite a while. But on the bright side, we do have an excellent Farmer's Market during the growing season. It operates on Wednesdays and Saturdays in front of Fannin's auto sales on U.S. 60 (start date June 6th) and, new this year, on Fridays at King's Daughters in the rear corner of their parking lot, under the large tent they have set up there. The first date there will be on June 12th. The markets actual first day will be on June the 5th at the First Friday event in downtown Ashland. I hope this helped a little. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me through e-Extension again or directly at the Boyd County Extension Office at 606-739-5184, or we are located at 2420 Center Street in Catlettsburg. Oh, we do have a young man who has moved back to the county and is starting a direct to consumer, CSA type program. I believe he is operating under the name Mulberry Farms or Mulberry Acres or something along those lines. He plans to be very organically oriented and would be a great place for a vegan to do business with.

Lyndall Harned

I can't seem to find this CSA program online (Mulberry Farms, Mulberry Acres). If you have any type of contact information regrading this gentleman I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!

It is actually Mulberry Family Farm. There is an article in today's Independent about an upcoming event they are hosting and a phone number to call. And it is not a CSA yet but I think he has talked about that in the future. If you call the number in the article I know Casey will be glad to talk with you about it and answer any questions. Funny, but fortuitous, timing on the article.