Doublefile viburnum

Asked May 22, 2015, 5:39 PM EDT

I have a row of 5 doublefile, 8 feet tall, about 10 years old. They have almost no leaves out this spring (some green under some bark) but two have vigorous growth at the base. Is it time to cut them to the ground and hope for the best? I am on sandy soil. Other viburnum (arrowwood) in my yard are fine, albeit in other sites. These were less glorious last spring. Thank you.

Washtenaw County Michigan

2 Responses

The cold temperatures the past two winters have been very hard on Doublefile viburnums. Arrowwood viburnum, on the otherhand, has not been damaged since it is more winter-hardy that Doublefile viburnum.

We've observed a fair amount of winter stem damage this spring on Doublefile viburnums but it varies with location and exposure. (I've had the same experience with my own Doublefile Viburnums.) Remove dead or damaged wood back to live, green tissue beneath the bark. Hopefully all five plants will send up new shoots to develop into a new and beautiful hedge.

Thank you! This is a perfect weekend project.