Asked May 22, 2015, 5:22 PM EDT

What is the little (tiny) brown, black & grey moths that like to occupy mostly our bathroom and seem to be attracted to the water on damp surfaces? We don't find them in our pantry or in our foodstuff. Traps for mealy moths we put out do not attract them.

Clackamas County Oregon

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I can't see it clearly but it could be a meal moth. Keep in mind that only the male moths are attracted to the traps, females are not. My guess is there's an infestation in some type of stored food or grain, including dry pet food, nearby.

We don't have any stored grain or pet food around our home, but do you think the coffee grounds I put in my house plants would attract the moth's larvae? If so is there anything you would suggest I could kill the larvae with?

The larvae of these moths can infest a wide variety of stored food not just grains and pet food, and the moths can fly a long distance from the source. The source may be anywhere in the house. General sanitation and proper storage of stored foods is the best control. Also, google "meal moth control" and look through the Extension bulletins from Florida and Penn State for good info.